Looking for the latest scientific studies about regrowing lost hair? We recently came across this amazing hair regrowth research finding from the Daily Mail website.

Photos first before going into detail:

hair regrowth arthritis drug
Arthritis medication transformed Alopecia Universalis to Complete hair regrowth

Researchers from the Yale University medical department discovered an arthritis drug (called tofacitinib citrate – used for treating rheumatoid arthritis) grew 100% of hair back for a man who had suffered from alopecia universalis after 8 months of continuous treatments.

In case you are not familiar with alopecia universalis, it is one of the most devastating hair loss types. It involves losing all the hair on your body, not only the hair strands on your scalp.

Here is a video clip:

The doctors believe that the drug has to do with controlling how the immune system attacks hair follicles. So far, there has been no permanent solution for treating Alopecia Universals other than what has been found today.

What’s next?

Dr. Brett King submitted a clinical trial proposal for further testing of the arthritis drug to use in a cream-based hair loss treatment, which will be used for people who are suffering from Alopecia Areata as well as Alopecia Universalis.


  1. I have alopecia areata & have tried numerous treatments (from Rogaine to natural remedies) without any success. I am desperately looking for solutions that truly work 🙁 I really hope that this becomes available soon

  2. I have alopecia totalis. I have had it since 1995. I have tried all types of treatments and without any success. Even thou it has been easier to accept my baldness. I would appreciate and type of treatment that is success full in stopping my baldness.

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