We have an updated article about using rosemary for hair growth here along with a growth recipe.

Rosemary essential oil is a widely used natural ingredient to stimulate hair regrowth. A study conducted by the University of Maryland Medical Center indicates that there is a close link between rosemary oil and hair growth.

The research team studied 84 people who suffer from alopecia areata (hair falling out in bald patches, which happens more frequently to women). The participants were instructed to massage their scalps with rosemary essential oil and a few other essential oils such as lavender and thyme daily for seven months.

The results indicated that the participants experienced significant hair regrowth (Just in case you ever wonder, more benefits of rosemary essential oil also include pain and stress relief, ingestion and healthy immune system).

I found this great video on how to use rosemary oil for hair growth:

You only need to use a tiny amount to massage it on your scalp (make sure to mix with a carrier oil such as grapeseed oil). In the video, she is directly applying the oil on the hair parting area.

I also found this rosemary oil video review. In this video, she talks about her friend experiencing hair loss and how this essential oil helped her friend’s hair grow back after using it for one year:

Where to buy pure rosemary oil?

You can easily find it at any drug store. NOW rosemary oil is one of the popular essential oils on Amazon with over 1000+ reviews at the moment. There are also many other brands, but make sure to find ones that are 100% pure and undiluted.

Have you tried rosemary oil for your hair loss? Please share your experience


  1. Hello,
    Thank you for the article. I have a quick question – Which oil is better for hair regrowth? Rosemary or emu oil? I also read some people had great results with castor oil.

    My hair has been falling out a lot recently and I don’t know what to do at this point. I don’t want to spend too much to buy all different oils.

    • Hi Laurie,
      According to MPB Research, emu oil works great for frontal hair regrowth. So if you have prominent hair loss on your frontal area, try emu oil. Another option is to buy different essential oils (rosemary, emu, castor, and coconut) and mix them all together for the maximum benefit.

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