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This will be quite an interesting post.

If you ever wondered about stopping hair loss in a holistic way, this article is definitely something you want to read.

Strangely enough, we came across Edgar Cayce while searching for unconventional ways for stimulating hair regrowth.

In case you don’t know who Edgar Cayce is, he was considered as a father of medical intuition / psychic in 20th century. The most intriguing aspects are the readings on both diagnosis and healing remedies Cayce gave to numerous people throughout his life.

Here, we will specifically talk about Edgar Cayce hair loss treatments and methods.

We have compiled every source available on the Internet from Edgar Cayce’s official site, various reviews, and action items for people who want to follow his hair regrowth methods.

Who is Edgar Cayce?

Edgar Cayce was a well-known psychic / medical intuit who had nicknames of “sleeping prophet” and “father of holistic medicine.”

edgar cayce hair loss hair regrowth remedy treatment

This particular nickname “sleeping prophet” comes from the fact that he answered questions while he was in a trance / deep theta state. This intuitive sleep was the state that enabled him to connect to the universal consciousness according to Cayce.

His readings ranged from predictions about future events, healing, as well as reincarnations.

What made him famous was his advice on holistic healing including baldness (alopecia) treatment.

Currently, there are currently 30+ institutions all over the world dedicated to study his work.

2 most common causes for hair loss, according to Edgar Cayce

According to Edgar Cayce, there are two most common hair loss causes:

  1. Glandular insufficiency (especially thyroid)
  2. Spine misalignment (vertebral subluxation)

Here is detail for each cause:

1. Glandular insufficiency

the most common causes of baldness thyroid glandular deficiency

Cayce mentions that a thyroid dysfunction is most likely to blame for people experiencing hair loss.

He notes that when the thyroid is not functioning properly, it’s due to insufficiency or excess of essential nutrition, which results in toxin accumulation in the body.

The unwanted toxin accumulation interferes with proper body function causing various symptoms from inflammation to lack of blood circulation and eventually affects the scalp and the hair growth cycle (in addition to improving skin and nail health).

2. Spine misalignment

the most common causes of hair loss spinal vertebral subluxation misalignment

Edgar Cayce says another common reason for hair falling out is due to vertebrae subluxation (aka misalignment of the spine).

When the spinal column is out of alignment, he says it causes disturbance of proper circulation, thus preventing transmission of the proper nutrients (blood supply) to hair follicles in the scalp.

Edgar Cayce’s methods on how to cure hair loss

Throughout his 14000+ readings in his life, there were often questions on how to reverse baldness. Here are the TOP 3 he mentioned the most as the hair loss cure regime while in a trance state.

Edgar Cayce and hair loss – 3 suggested remedies for both male and female:

1. Dietary changes

His dietary advice (1) on how to stop hair falling out? They are mostly focused on foods and natural remedies he claims to be essential for thyroid healing.

Atomidine (for thyroid hair loss): If your hair loss is due to glandular dysfunction such as thyroid disease (the most common reason for hair loss he claims), he suggests to take a small dose of atomidine. He says that this iodine dietary supplement will help purify the thyroid activity.

It seems that there is no specific dosage given that works for every individual. So the official Cayce site suggests to take one drop in the morning for seven days, rest the next five days, then repeat the cycle once or twice.

He also adds to take other glandular extracts (adrenal or thymus) if you have deficiency.

NOTE: Atomidine only works if you are low on iodine. If you have any existing health symptoms or illnesses, make sure to talk to your doctor before trying anything new.

Irish potato skins: Cayce said “potato skins” (whether roasted or baked) help prevent hair fall out. He adds that in order to keep the active ingredients intact, cook the potato in parchment paper (or Papatar paper).

the best foods for hair loss hair fall out potato skins edgar cayce

The skins of potatoes promote essential thyroid functions and he recommends to eat them 3+ times a week.

Citrus fruit juices: He mentions orange juice, lemon, and grapefruit. He also states that if you combine citrus fruits with Atomidine, this combo assists thyroid for stimulating better circulation to the scalp.


  • Carrots (He also mentioned this pretty often)
  • Alkaline foods (80% alkaline + 20% acid foods)
  • Seafood 3 x week for iodine
  • Food that contains natural iodine (ex: deep sea salt or kelp salt)
  • Eat salad (fruits and vegetables) – organic / locally grown
  • Drink 6-8 glasses of water everyday
  • Drink small olive oil sips for the intestinal system
  • Start the day with half glass of warm water – help clarify the body
  • Do not eat: fried and greasy foods, refined sugar, onions and garlic

If you are experiencing thyroid hair loss, we also recommend you to check out this book for the complete list of thyroid healing super foods.

2. Osteopathy

He mentions that a series of treatments to correct spinal misalignment will also help with improving circulation, which in turn, promotes healthy hair growth.

3. Crude oil hair regrowth method (the MOST interesting)

This is a distinctive method you’ll never hear from anyone other than Edgar Cayce.

According to Cayce, crude oil is a great way to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and thus help with reversing hair loss and stopping hair from going bald.

edgar cayce baar crudoleum crude oil for stimulating hair regrowth

Here is the specific direction he gave out:

  1. Massage crude oil (1 tsp) onto the scalp for 30-45 minutes (Total 3 to 4 month)
  2. Cleanse with 20% grain alcohol solution
  3. Massage your scalp with white petroleum Vaseline
  4. Shampoo with olive oil based shampoo next morning
  5. After washing your hair, massage with Vaseline mixed with a little bit of alcohol onto the scalp

Edgar Cayce hair products:

You can also use these Crudoleum products formulated by Baar. They are specifically made based on his hair loss readings. He says that this crude oil hair loss method will help hair grow on most people, unless a derma papilla (a bulb where hair follicle begins to grow) is completely destroyed.


  • When applying crude oil, use a dropper to prevent becoming too messy.
  • When massaging your scalp, he says to do pulling and pushing (rather than rubbing gesture)
  • Cayce recommends a hand-held electric / vibrating massager

He emphasized people to use only pure “unrefined” crude oil.

Additionally, we found the following: “Cayce was careful to recommend only pure, unrefined crude oil and created his own brand that he named “Crudoleum.” It also states that this particular crude oil is from Pennsylvania where it’s paraffin-based with the mildest odor (2).

4. Other Edgar Cayce healing recommendations for regrowing thinning hair

  • Sun exposure of your head / scalp for enhancing nature’s activity (He probably meant getting Vitamin D through sunshine)
  • Violet ray treatment to scalp, shoulder blade, spine and belly button areas 5-10 minutes every day (total 20 to 25 times)
  • Ultraviolet ray treatment to scalp and spine 3-5 minutes every 3 day (total 20-25 sessions)
  • Rub used coffee grounds onto the scalp occasionally (caffeine for hair loss is another popular remedy)
  • When someone questioned “what should the individual now do to cause the hair to grow In front of the forehead”, Cayce answered “By using any vapor rub or the use of Listerine will keep the hair in a healthy normal condition” (This was another interesting point – Perhaps Listerine works by eliminating itchy scalp or dandruff related hair loss?)

Success stories using crude oil for hair loss

During the search, we also came across testimonials from a number of people sharing their experience using crude oil for hair loss

#1. Worked for curing alopecia areata

One woman shared her story: Her beautician noticed a bald spot on the left side of her head. To make matters worse, the spot was getting bigger and bigger to the point that she couldn’t simply hide it any longer (3).

As she was already familiar with Edgar Cayce, she decided to religiously follow Cayce’s crude oil method for 3 months straight as well as adding potato skins in her diet (Cayce’s #1 food recommendation for treating hair loss).

After 3 months or so, she says “peach fuzz” started appearing. In 5 month, she started seeing visible new hair growth, but these hairs were growing in grayish color. In 9 month new hairs completely filled in the big bold spot and she decided to slow down the frequency of treatment.

After a little while, she says she noticed something interesting: “the gray was coming in red again.” In about one year later, her hair had completely transitioned from going visibly bald to normal “thick shiny and red” hair she used to have.

#2. Worked for reversing female hair loss (diffused hair thinning)

One woman from Texas mentions that the Edgar Cayce method also worked for her diffused hair thinning (4).

She says that as she got older, her scalp was getting visible especially in both the crown and front areas. She started following the Edgar Cayce treatment and said how amazed she was when she noticed her hair getting thicker each month. She says “I have never had hair like this, even as a child.”

Unlike the previous woman (with alopecia areata – bald patchy hair loss), she didn’t follow every step Cayce mentioned. Rather, she started with white petroleum jelly (Vaseline) which still gave her rapid improvement in several weeks. Once she was convinced, she added crude oil along with the scalp tonic.

Ms Full Hair thoughts on Edgar Cayce hair loss treatments

Why crude oil for hair loss?

Edgar Cayce seems to be the only person who actually talked about crude oil for curing hair loss and stimulating hair regrowth. According to Cayce, crude oil acts as a scalp stimulating and cleaning agent as well as increasing hair thickness.

The question is: “How does crude oil work in relation to hair?”

One observation we found interesting was from a guy in a hair loss forum: Crude oil and olive oil may help with rebuilding the fat layer in the scalp (Cayce also recommends to use a shampoo formulated with olive oil).

According to a 2011 study at Yale University (5), the researchers found out that when hair dies, the thickness of the fat layer inside the scalp decreases / shrinks. They also found that when hair grows again, adipose precursor cells, a specific stem cell responsible for new fat cell creation was needed for regenerating hair in mice.

So perhaps, Edgar Cayce may have suggested to crude oil for rebuilding the fat layer of the scalp.

Still, some of Cayce’s suggestions such as Vaseline for hair loss and rubbing alcohol on scalp for hair growth as a part of crude oil treatment are still somewhat unique (or should we say bizarre?).

Other suggested remedies have similarities to current hair loss treatments

Other than crude oil, many of his suggested hair loss treatments are aligned with what we can relate to today: taking care of your thyroid health, alkaline based diets, eating more greens and finally massaging your scalp regularly to stimulate blood circulation.

Final takeaway

Here is a summary: if you want to try Edgar Cayce hair regrowth treatment, these are the main points:

  1. Apply crude oil followed by alcohol rinse and Vaseline moisturizer
  2. Massage your scalp by pushing and pulling for increased blood circulation
  3. Eat especially potato skins and carrots for promoting thyroid balance
  4. If you thinning hair is due to thyroid problems, try atomidine and crude oil treatments together

Have you tried Edgar Cayce hair loss method? Please comment. Would love to hear your experience!

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