Are you trying to find out how to fix receding hairline naturally? Then, this success story is your must-read and perhaps gives you the answer you’ve been searching for!

We recently came across an article about a woman who found a natural cure to stop receding hairline and regrow hair.

What we love about her hair loss success story is that she didn’t use any medical treatments such as Minoxidil (also known as Rogaine) for her frontal hairline regrowth. In fact, what she did was to go with a natural solution by mixing a couple of powerful essential oils together and applying them onto her scalp to combat her hair loss.

Her story

Jen was experiencing hair thinning in the front part of the scalp, especially around parting line. Unfortunately, her hair loss front parting is very noticeable, yet is also a surprisingly common symptom even at 20s. After searching for days (or months) to find a female thinning hair treatment for her receding hairline, she settled with two essential oils – castor oil and tea tree oil – known as a popular natural treatment for hair loss.

Before and after photos

Here are her castor oil hairline before and after photos (source). As you can see below, her bald spot in the parting area shows amazing hair regrowth. Also, the thinning hair on top of head is back to normal.

castor oil hairline before and after regrowth photos

Her success formula: How to combat a receding hairline and regrow hair

This is her receding hairline natural treatment. Mix the following 3 items together in a squeeze bottle with a fine tip.

Since the texture of castor oil is thick (similar to molasses), she mentions that extra virgin olive oil is a great addition if you want to apply the mixture to the entire scalp in order for even distribution.

How long does it take to see the result?

She said in “as little as two weeks”, she saw a big difference in her hairline (the before and after pictures speak for themselves!). As a side note, she applied the oil mixture on her eyebrows, which also had a great benefit in terms of growing fuller.

Final takeaway

If you are looking for how to grow back receding hairline, her natural hair loss cure recipe is worth trying.

Not only is her thinning hairline back to normal, it’s also amazing to see how her small bald spot totally filled in with new hair growth. This success story showcases that regrowing hairline with castor oil and tea tree oil is a good alternative solution for female hair thinning.

Have you tried castor oil for hair loss? Share your experience!

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