Can Iodine grow back your hair? We recently came across hair loss success story from a guy who cured his alopecia areata (AA) using tincture of iodine for hair loss and we had to share it with our readers.Look at his AMAZING before and after photos (Scroll down to see photos).

As most of you already know, alopecia areata is a hair loss symptom where hair falls out from one or more areas in patches, thus causing bald spots on the scalp. What causes those bald spots on your head? This type of patchy hair loss is due to an autoimmune disorder and causes your hair to fall out because your immune system is attacking the hair follicles, instead or protecting them (scientists still don’t know why this happens).

While some people with alopecia areata (AA) experience hair re-growth within a year or so, there are many other men and women suffering from the symptom for years, still hoping for a cure.

His (Many trial & error, then) success story

Here is the summary of his various experiments and treatments (both medicinal and alternative hair regrowth solutions). We organized it by each alopecia treatment he tried by chronological order:


He was diagnosed with AA and his first option was to see a dermatologist. The doctor prescribed him with Dithranol cream (which is also used to treat psoriasis) to apply everyday for 3 months. Unfortunately, not only did he not see much improvement using the ointment, but he also saw another bald patch appearing on his head.

  • Solution tried? Dithranol cream (Prescription-based)
  • Did it work? No


Next, he tried the Hair4U spray (Minoxidil/Aminexil spray) also prescribed by his doctor for a topical use. He wrote by the end of month 2, he had a measurable success with all of his bald spots filling in with new hair regrowth. So, he decided to stop using the spray.

Unfortunately, the bald spots re-appeared after a couple of month, once he stopped using the spray. To make it worse, those spots were too big to camouflage with any hair fibers, so he totally shaved his head.

  • Solution tried? Minoxidil/Aminexil topical spray (Prescription-based)
  • Did it work? No


Then, he decided to try the Naati medicine, which is supposedly mixture of various herbal leaves designed to regrow your hair by applying it on scalp daily. However, this natural remedy didn’t work at all.

  • Solution tried? Naati medicine (Natural remedies)
  • Did it work? No


Out of desperation, he tried a bunch of popular natural remedies for hair loss including castor oil mixed with cayenne powder, onion juice, and root-nourishing oils that many people have benefited from. But in his case, these also didn’t work.

  • Solution tried? A bunch of other popular hair loss natural remedies (Natural remedies)
  • Did it work? No

TREATMENT #5 (Finally worked!)

Then, he came across an article about iodine hair regrowth and how decolorized iodine (also known as white iodine or colorless iodine) is often used for alopecia areata and some people reported positive results. Since he couldn’t find the de-colorized version of iodine where he lived, he used a regular iodine tincture along with a mixture of coconut and vitamin E oil to sooth his itchy scalp on those iodine-applied areas.

The result? The tincture of iodine worked for his hair regrowth. The pictures speak for themselves. After 4-5 months of applying iodine, his alopecia areata is totally gone with hair thickly filled in those previously bald spots.

Before and after photos

Here are a number of before and after photos from his website:

Close-up comparison:

tincture of iodine for hair loss alopecia areata success stories

By now, you are probably eager to try this method. For those who are interested in experimenting with what he did for reversing hair loss, we cover the method step-by-step in detail:

NOTE: Consult with your doctor before trying any alternative hair loss remedies such as what is shown here.

His success formula for alopecia areata

This is what he shares in order to cure his bald patchy hair loss.

First, what you need is the decolorized iodine tincture (also known as white iodine), coconut oil & vitamin e oil to sooth any itchiness (he mentions iodine made his scalp very itchy, so his solution for this was to mix these 2 oils and apply it on those areas in order to prevent any scalp inflammation).

He also took Supradyn supplements, which is a multi-vitamin available in India. (If you are looking for high-quality multi-vitamins, we recommend you to check this out by Garden of Life. ALL ingredients in this multivitamin formula are made from nutritious and raw whole foods, NOT synthetic chemicals).


  • Decolorized iodine tincture
  • Coconut oil +Vitamin E oil (Optional for nourishing scalp and prevent itchy scalp)
  • Good quality multivitamins


  1. Apply the decolorized iodine tincture every night to the bald or thinning areas using a Q-tip for precise application.
  2. (Optional) Apply the coconut oil and vitamin E mixture every other day if you are experiencing scalp itchiness from the use of iodine. (You definitely don’t want to cause any inflammation by scratching those areas)
  3. Take your choice of multivitamin everyday.


How long does it take to see the results?

He states after using 2 months, he started seeing new patches growing on the bald spots. He adds that after the continuous use of this formula for 4-5 months, his bald spots were completely filled in.

Where is he now?

As of his last update, he stopped using the iodine for two months and hasn’t experienced any hair loss for almost 2 months. He also adds that he still uses coconut oil on his scalp 3 times a week at night (probably for extra-nourishing follicles) and shampoo in the morning.


Until scientists and researchers find a permanent cure to treat alopecia areata in the future (hopefully in the “near” future), the topical use of iodine tincture appears to give desirable results as a natural remedy solution for some people suffering from different types of hair loss.

There are also people using iodine instead of the tincture version to treat their hair loss with desirable results. If you want to stick to the things he used in his method, use tincture of decolorized iodine for that extra assurance.

Have you tried iodine for hair loss? Or do you know anyone? Share your experience below.


  1. I am curious why you/he attribute the hair regrowth to Iodine, when he also used anti-inflammatory topical oils and took multiple nutrients as a vitamin pill. The re-growth is at least as likely, perhaps far more likely, a result of correcting acute nutritional deficiencies such as zinc and biotin (from the vitamin pill). The Iodine may not be relevant at all, or a minor part of the improvement.

    • Iodine is well known to regrowth hair. It not only gave me back my confidence, but my mom’s my son, my aunt, my neighbor, and a few in my church are also praising iodine for hair growth and for many other like eyebrows which impressed me.

      I talked to my Dr and he agrees as his sister uses iodine on a daily basis. I have not have health issues and even breast cyst that i have for many years diminished drastically, and I have to say iodine was the only change I made. Definitely iodine is a blessing.

  2. @Lily
    It doesn’t say anywhere that he took zinc and biotin. Even if he had, those do not do anything for hair loss or aa. Zinc is great for the immune system and chelating copper, while biotin is great for speeding hair growth (as in length) and some claim it increases hair thickness. But none restore hair that has fallen out.

    Supplemental iodine is taken for thyroid support and low thyroid function leads to hair loss in some people.

    Do I think that he fixed his thyroid by using the iodine on his scalp and thus his hair regrew? Nope. But I have seen in many other “cures” the use of iodine on the skin for faster healing, skin problems like psoriasis, dandruff, skin tags, boob size increase…Who knows, maybe aa isn’t entirely caused by an auto-immune reaction, and maybe there is a bacteria, fungus, or virus involved which the iodine is likely to kill. And also iodine seems to increase cell activity.

    So there, Iodine isn’t “irrelevant”. I commented just for the hope that some poor soul doesn’t get put off by your misinformed skepticism. 🙂

  3. Iodine is well known to enter cells and activate gene transcription and release of growth factors. This has been shown in multiple tissues including breast tissue and immune cells. I am betting that some of the benefits seen here has to do with the direct activity of iodine on cells feeding hair follicles.

    On top of that, if one is lacking thyroid hormones, the absorbed iodine will be utilized to create these necessary molecules in order to assist in hair growth. This is why hypothyroidism induced by an iodine deficiency causes hair loss as a common symptom. So both direct (iodine in cells) and indirect (thyroid hormones) mechanisms are present.

  4. I started taking iodine tablets after my naturally thick and wavy hair started becoming lifeless and falling out. My hair is now so thick and bouncy, I am considering stopping or cutting down on them! That is why I am online today, trying to confirm the connection between iodine and hair health.

    It is difficult to pinpoint only one cause for healing, because I also stopped dyeing my hair and took better notice of what I was eating, cutting down on sugar too. I’ve been taking one iodine tablet a day for 3 years.

    I follow neurosuregon Jack Kruse who talks about iodine being crucial for our health. We all need it in our diet. We should be eating seafood: shellfish, fish and seaweed.
    But if I had alopecia I would certainly try topical iodine. Maybe tablets too. Like i said, my hair is now almost ‘too’ thick and healthy and becoming difficult to manage. I recognise that is a ‘good’, First World problem…

    I also like the advice on the Morocco Method website and follow their lunar chart for best hair cutting dates.

    I also do dowsing: using a pendulum to ask my own body if a substance is needed. I dont take any vitamins or minerals unless I get a ‘yes’ from my pendulum. I highly recommend everyone becoming their own source of guidance.

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