How to Regrow Temple Hair Naturally – Tips on Receding Hairline Treatment


natural receding hairline treatment regrow temple hair

This hair growth recipe is from our hair loss success story. By rubbing lavender essential oil on his scalp, he noticed a huge increase of new baby hairs growing.



  1. Comb your hair
  2. Use a hairband to pull all your hair back
  3. Gently push the derma roller on the thinning spot
  4. Start rolling the derma roller on the area front to back
  5. Change the direction to side to side (the area will be red, which indicates extra blood flow)
  6. Once finished using the derma roller, directly apply lavender oil onto the area
  7. Rub the oil into your scalp with fingertips using a circular motion for full absorption
  8. Leave it overnight
  9. Rinse it well next morning

How long?

Do it 5 days a week for 2 months to see new hair growth

Anything else to keep in mind?

Once a week (when he wasn’t derma rolling the thinning spot), he applied aloe vera (this is the brand he used) to moisturize and soothe the skin. He said this also helped him from any scarring issues.


Consider dilution: First, while he directly applied the lavender essential oil to the thinning area as well as receding hairline, the general recommendation is always to mix with carrier oils. Use our essential oil dilution chart.

Occasional bleeding: Next, he says it’s normal to see occasional bleeding. Just don’t push it too hard to totally puncture your skin

Sanitize a dermal roller: After using the derma roller, either soak it in a hot water or alcohol to kill any bacterial growth and prevent future skin infections