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Whether your hair has just started getting thinner or has been thinning for a while, the remedy for treating hair loss comes down to the same formula. This short guide will show you a number of different ways to stimulate new hair growth.

ms full hair fuller thicker hair guide for thin hair women


SHAMPOO: Don’t get fooled by fancy labels or commercial ads when you choose hair shampoos and conditioners. This is crucial for anyone experiencing hair thinning, since your hair needs extra TLC. When you choose a shampoo for your hair, make sure it is safe from harsh chemicals and includes DHT blocking ingredients or essential oils. This guide covers how to choose a shampoo for thinning hair as well as our top recommendations. If you’ve already lost the considerable amount of hair and look for solutions to stimulate hair regrowth, this article is for you!

HAIR THICKENER: Styling fine and lifeless hair is quite a challenge. Whatever you do, the hair strands just don’t cooperate. They need more volume, more life! Hair thickening shampoo is a quick solution to overcome that. Products such as Living Proof’s thickening cream or Nioxin’s Diamax thickening treatment are designed to add an additional layer to your hair strands to make them thicker and fuller all day.


Hair vitamins and supplements work as an inside-out remedy. They provide the essential nutrition your hair follicles need to grow strong and healthy while also reducing unnecessary hair loss. This article covers 5 hair vitamins we selected as the winners of the 2014 Ms. Full Hair Short List. One of the all-time favorites has been Viviscal Hair Supplements.


Minoxidil, aka Rogaine, is a medical ingredient that stimulates hair re-growth. Minoxidil is the ONLY FDA-approved topical treatment on the market today used to treat hair loss for women. Pantene and Rogaine have hair regrowth treatment products that include 2% Minoxidil in their formulas. Our favorite Minoxidil product is Lipogaine for women. Not only does Lipogaine contain 2% Minoxidil, but it also includes other hair boosting ingredients such as biotin and apple polyphenol to strengthen the hair re-growth process.


A laser comb is another way to make your hair fuller and thicker. The comb emits low light lasers to energize limp hair follicles by stimulating blood flow to your scalp. If money is not an issue, try the laser helmet designed by Thermadome. Theradome’s HL80 PRO laser helmet works the same way as the laser comb, but can be much more convenient since you simply wear it on your head twice a week.

Another great gadget is the micro-needle roller. Be sure to use it along with Minoxidil or essential hair boosting oils (such as rosemary oil or emu oil) applied on your scalp. According to research done by Department of Dermatology in Maharashtra, India, Microneedling helps increase the absorption of topical hair growth treatments by 5 TIMES.