Women Hair Loss 101

Are you here to find out treatments and solutions that really work for your thinning hair?

Then you probably already know that there are a bunch of products out there claiming they have the solution to your hair loss issues. To make it worse, many of these products and treatments look very promising and make you feel like you could have your full hair back within several weeks.

Introducing Hair Loss 101

This “Hair Loss 101” series is composed of 4 parts for women who are suffering from any type of hair loss. From these articles, you will learn essential information about your hair including follicle structures and cycles and causes of female hair loss. This will give you more insights on what type of treatments you should look for your specific needs.

Part 1  Hair Follicle ►

Part 2 Types of Female Hair Loss ►

Part 3 Reasons for Hair Loss ►

Part 4 How to Regrow Hair ►