Topical Iodine for Alopecia Areata Hair Regrowth


This hair regrowth recipe is from our hair loss success story series. He tried a bunch of different treatments to regrow hair on bald patches of his head, but nothing really worked until he tried a tincture of iodine. Read his hair loss success story here for detail.


  • Decolorized iodine tincture
  • Coconut oil +Vitamin E oil (Optional for nourishing scalp and prevent itchy scalp)
  • Good quality multivitamins


  1. Apply the decolorized iodine tincture every night to the bald or thinning areas using a Q-tip for precise application.
  2. (Optional) Apply the coconut oil and vitamin E mixture every other day if you are experiencing scalp itchiness from the use of iodine. (You definitely don’t want to cause any inflammation by scratching those areas)
  3. Take your choice of multivitamin everyday.