Grape seed extract for hair loss – you can find many articles and resources covering these two. But, when we find success stories that actually back up the claims, we have to share it with you!

Originally found in a forum (1), this guy took grape seed powder with the purpose of lowering his blood pressure, but soon discovered a happy side effect – new hair growth!

Here is the detail of his success story on grape seed extract for hair loss.

His story

He was doing research on how to lower his high blood pressure instead of taking medication which was recommended by his cardiologist. While doing the research, he discovered a study that shows how grape seed extract was successfully used in regulating high blood pressure.

After his finding, he decided to try this natural-remedy method by ingesting grape seed supplements 3 times a day. Surprisingly, this worked so well. WITHIN A WEEK, he says that not only his blood pressure was back to normal, but he also experienced big improvement on pulse pressure as well.

The better news? In a few weeks, he had a startling moment when looking at the mirror. Here are his exact words:

“A few weeks later, I had a WTF moment when it seemed that my “mature hairline” was filling in at the temples, where it had not been for years. There was no doubt about it, and I wasn’t looking for any such result. The improvement has since continued.”

His success formula

Grape seed extract dosage for hair loss?

He took 600 mg divided into 3 doses. In other words, he took 200 mg each and 3 times a day (morning, afternoon, and night), which resulted in new hair growth.

Note: Consult with your physician before trying any suggested natural remedy.  

How long to see the results?

He mentioned that “a few weeks” later, new hairs were filling in on the temple area.

What brand did he use for his hair growth success?

He says Swanson. But it’s important to note that any reputable brands should give you the same/similar benefits, when you use grape seed extract for hair loss.

Final Takeaway

First, make sure that you are buying “Grapeseed extract” supplements, NOT “Grapefruit seed extract” supplements. People often get confused between those two.

Next, for the most cost-effective way, consider grapeseed extract powder in bulk such as this which come in a pure extract powder form. Not only will you save a lot of money (compared to buying ones in capsules), you also get your money’s worth (it will last a long time).

Have you tried grape seed extract (GSE) for hair loss? Share your experience below!

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