So far, there have been a handful of Dr Oz episodes and interviews over the years in which the famous health expert talks about how to properly take care of your hair. This particular hair loss episode we recently found on the Oprah website is about how to prevent hair loss and features two doctors – Dr Oz and Dr Michael Roizen.

They give out some of the most important tips on what you can do on a daily basis in order to keep your hair healthier and thicker, which in turn helps to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally.

First, they talk about a simple hair loss test you can easily do at home as a self-diagnosis.

The hair loss test

Average people have about 150,000 follicles and there is an easy way to test if you are experiencing hair loss or unusual hair fall for female. Dr Oz recommends to grab a group of hairs from the root (about 60 strands or so) and gently pull out the section. If you notice more than 10 coming out from it, this is a sign of rapid hair loss.

So what can you do on a daily basis in order to stop hair loss? Here are 5 tips you can easily incorporate to your daily regime at home:

Dr Oz’s 5 BEST tips on hair loss prevention

Tip 1 Wash your hair EVERY 2-3 days (NOT everyday)

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Dr. Oz emphasizes that why washing your hair daily is a bad idea. All the chemicals included in most shampoos can cause damage when they are used too frequently. Plus, daily use of shampoo increases the chance of stripping away sebum, the naturally-produced oil from follicles that acts as a scalp moisturizing agent and controls dryness of your scalp.

Unfortunately, Dr Oz doesn’t talk about any best shampoo recommendations. But if you are looking for organic hair loss shampoos made with gentle and nourishing ingredients, we provide a list of the top thinning hair shampoos here.

Tip 2 Use a LOW heat setting when you blow-dry your hair.

Obviously, the best (and the most optimal) way to dry your hair is to use a towel or air dry; however, not everyone has enough time… especially in the morning. If you are in a situation that you have to use a hair dryer, Dr. Oz recommends to use the low heat (click here to read our top 5 hair dryer recommendations for fine hair).

Why? He says hair is the most vulnerable when it is wet. So, if you blast your hair with high heat or ironing during that time, the outer layers of your hair strands will strip and eventually turn into shrinking fuzzy hair follicles.

Tip 3 Use a bristle brush with rounded teeth

A boar bristle brush is not only soft and gentle to use, but it’s also a great way for massaging your hair and scalp without damaging them and promoting healthier and thicker hair.

Tip 4 Consume fatty acids for shinier hair

Dr Oz fish oil for hair lossFatty acids found on fish, in fish oil, or in DHA supplements provide the nutritional components for keeping your hair bouncy and shiny.

Fish oil is one of the must-have’s that Dr. Oz talks about often for thinning hair supplement. Another video from Dr. Axe also talks about the importance of consuming high-quality fish oil supplements in order to prevent hair loss.

In order to find out how omega rich oil can help reverse your hair loss, read this article about black currant seed oil – another recommendation by Dr Oz for thinning hair.

Tip 5 Eat these foods for keeping your hair healthy

Dr Oz Best Foods & Vitamins for Hair Loss

Dr Oz and Dr Roizen recommend the following foods to provide your hair with the proper nutrition it needs: walnuts, milk, eggs, and green tea. In addition, Dr Roizen talks about how to stop hair thinning by mentioning the close connections between baldness and the consumption of animal fat (especially ones from red meat).

The animal fat causes the increase of DHT levels, which is one of the main causes of hair loss seen in both men and women. He also recommends caffeine, especially green tea, which study results indicate has compounds called polyphenols which slow down the production of DHT, thus preventing hair loss.

Do you have any other tips for hair loss prevention? Please share below!

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